The story of our day by day, spent helping the planet in a smart way.

GALI, by RM™

A story of success

The line of GALI by RM™ products was developed by RM SIstemi Elettronici, a company set in Turin that has been operating in the field of new technologies, specifically electronics, for more than thirty years, making their experience available to the service of sustainable mobility.

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Let’s help the planet, together

the transition to sustainable technologies is not an option anymore. Setting a good example is essential.


Years of activity in the field of EVRs


The power of our photovoltaic system

GALI by RM™ is our third generation of EVRs

GALI by RM™'s mission

The opportunity to contribute to the big change

We believe that each of us, in our field of interest, has the possibility to give a strong push to innovation. RM has decided to take the chance and invest resources in feeding the trend towards technologies and production systems in line with the future that we are called to build.